An Artist who became Legend : A. R. Rahman

A. R. Rahman
Charcoal Portrait by Atul Sarpotdar

“I am a hardcore A R Rahman fan and the roots of this enduring bonding lie in the my musical journey since teenage with the Artist’s work”

If you were born in 80′ or early 90’s and love music then you will find nothing surprising in that statement. In fact I would not hesitate to say ARR is one of the many best things happened to our generation.

Rahman’s era separates music before then and the current (by current I mean Yoyo’s and Mika’s). Though he is still very much active, many think there is no more that same ‘Rahmania’.

The problem with ARR’ music is, we still often compare his work with his numbers from 90’s. I think that’s unfair to him. The expectations are so high from him and on the other hand, Market trends have changed.

A R Rahman’ genre is kind of which grows on to you. And you have to give some time for that kind of music. That’s where the things have changed. That’s why usually people like 1 or 2 odd songs which instantly appeal to  them. Many of his recent good tracks went ignored in these “2-min Maggi Noodles” days.

You get connected to a certain kind of music. Music which gives you the rhythm, which shares beats with your emotions; Music which becomes your spirit ! That’s what it is with his music for me.

I remember having goosebumps when Lagaan‘s promos started or when I entered in the theatre lobby during ‘Swades‘; felt so emotional when heard ‘Lukachhupi‘ and ‘Khoon Chala‘; not so sure why but got connected to his every Romantic , Sufi or ‘Tanhaai’ kind of track .. (that’s where he’s so good at !)

Director Baz Luhrmann said:

“I had come to the music of A. R. Rahman through the emotional and haunting score of Bombay and the wit and celebration of Lagaan. But the more of AR’s music I encountered the more I was to be amazed at the sheer diversity of styles: from swinging brass bands to triumphant anthems; from joyous pop to West-End musicals. Whatever the style, A. R. Rahman’s music always possesses a profound sense of humanity and spirit, qualities that inspire me the most.”

He is connected to millions in the same way. Thanks to his lyricists, his teammates (most of them have earned their own name by now) and all other who helped to make his work ‘complete’ !

I am sure when I am writing this he is out there in his studio, mind so focused, arranging some tunes on his synthesizer, the only sound accompanying that could be his peppy yet at the same time mesmerising voice..whatever it is.. but that will eventually give us the same thrilling musical joyride.


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