Charcoal Portraits : The Wall


“Everyone praises Sachin Tendulkar. He may be a genius in his own right but in my book, Rahul Dravid is the artist. Dravid’s defence tactics, his strokes, his cuts, his grace are truly amazing. I’d like to meet the chap sometime and take my hat off to him.”

Peter O’ Toole

The Wall

Rahul Sharad Dravid.. as simple as that name sounds ! Perhaps the best of all the gentlemen who ever played Cricket. Most of us wished to be the next Sachin. And the moment we realized we didn’t have that god gift we understood Dravid’s greatness.
It was all about hardwork and dedication. Every time I saw sweat dripping down his forehead it evoked a hope. He stood strong when everything else fell apart and battled it hard in cuts and drives with pure Dravidian Elegance !

“If Tendulkar’s life is about enthusiasm, Dravid’s is about determination. If Tendulkar is the child splashing colour about with glee, Dravid is the scientist in a relentless search for progress. Tendulkar might have been a Formula One driver or a striker in a goalmouth, Dravid would have been an Olympic shooter.”
    – Harsha Bhogle

Well that covers it all. Isn’t it ?


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