‘When Heart Follows Art’ Turns 1 Year Old Today !


It’s been amazing one year of blogging !!

It’s a wonderful feeling friends and I am thankful for all your support. I had always this desire to run a blog. And  here it is !.. ‘When Heart Follows Art…‘ has officially turned 1 year old today..

Technically speaking it’s a site where I share most of my work. Under this parent blog I run two sub blogs –

1. मनमंथन a Marathi blog where I post small articles and my poems

2. Anthesis an English blog where I try to share my views on Artists and related Art work.

Thought behind

When you are interested in multiple things, as a human being its very natural that you want to share whatever you write, whatever you draw, everything you click with other people. These days there are lots of options which provide you a platform for the same. You can create a facebook page.. can have an account on social sharing platform such a Pinterest, Instagram etc..

I chose to start a blog..

How Do I Get Time

“well..I am still a Bachelor !”  😉

Jokes apart.. its not really about whether you are married or not.. When you love something you tend to find out time for that from your busy schedule.

“Let me tell you about what I discovered in my life. Surely get the education needed for your profession. Work for your living with a zest. But don’t stop there. Get into the art of Literature, Painting-Drawing, Music, Theater, Sculpture, Sports & embrace at least one of them. The other knowledge gained to support your living will help keep you alive, but this friendship with art will show you the purpose to live”
– P L Deshpande

Journey So Far

Total 46 posts, more than 950 visitors and around 4000 views ..so overall it was a good year. I have put lots of efforts in overall blog presentation this year; may it be title, the theme and many other things. I have seen rises and falls in viewership based mainly on my consistency. Some posts were highly acknowledged e.g.
Dil Dhoondta Hai …,
रत्नागिरी हापुस
An Artist who became Legend : A. R. Rahman

Interesting thing is, as on date there are 31 followers for When Heart follows Art…
I hope more of you join this family.

Here is annual report for 2015-

You can follow this blog either by using Email subscription option or clicking on follow button at the bottom of the site if you have WordPress account.

What’s To Come

The plan is simple. Posting more often will help me to grow this blog. Stats are helping to understand viewers interests.

There are many things on cards

(and its just not about this blog 😉 so hope I will be able to manage time effectively)

I want to thank you all again for your love. It means a lot when you comment and share your opinions or own stories.

I would like to come up with something where I will be able to publish your art, your stories, music etc.. We can reach out to more people with right kind of platform.  I welcome ideas on that front.

Thanks again.. Keep loving.. Follow and share this blog..

Best Regards,


Connect me on –
twitter @atul_sarpotdar
Instagram atul.sarpotdar
Use hashtag #whenheartfollowsart


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